Empowerment & Economic Advancement

The YWCA Wausau offers programs to help educate and empower women in our community by promoting physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and economic development. For more information about our programs, contact us at 715-842-3381.


1/16/18- Work-Life Balance: Is is an option for women? Presented by Jessie Garcia. 5-8PM

In Cooperation with the Wisconsin Humanities Council’s Working Lives Project

The headlines and news reports remind us of the challenges facing mothers today: the costs of childcare compared to earning potential; the lack of jobs with flexible work hours; the need for high-quality childcare; the discrepancy in salaries between men and women, etc. Mothers in Wisconsin are struggling with questions of how much to work, where, and for whom. In this talk, well-known Wisconsin sportscaster Jessie Garcia shares her personal experiences trying to balance two kids, a husband, two cats and a high-profile job that required her to look perky on the air even when she had slept only one hour the night before. Jessie wrote a book about her experiences and will share photos and stories from that book, as well as take questions and open a dialogue with women and men about the subject of working and parenting. Let’s get real, Wisconsin, and talk about what life is like in the trenches these days, from diapers to grumbling teenagers. Jessie will have you laughing and thinking. She opens up about her personal life in an effort to get us all talking about the challenges, and joys, of working and raising a family.

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