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May Mental Health Awareness Month

Join us for the Month of May in looking at mental health, self care practices, mindfulness, and more. Information will be posted on our website weekly and on our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/YWCAWausau) Be sure to like our page!

Mental Health Awareness

On our first day of Mental Health Awareness Month, the picture below shared by Nami Northwoods describes the definition of mental health. Click the link below to visit their website for info on how to receive help in Marathon County.

  Visit Nami Northwoods Website here:  http://naminorthwoods.org/


Mindfulness is an important key to obtaining a Positive Mental Health State. Defining Mindfulness is the first step in achieving it. Look at this Document from the Centre for Clinical Interventions shared to us from Peaceful Solutions Counselor, Lee Shipway.  It defines mindfulness and how to achieve it.

Mindfulness Breathing Exercise