YWCA is a global movement.

We found a home here in Wausau in 1920 when a group of women came together to create a space for women to meet, socialize, and get to work.  Since our first meeting, we have been dedicated to improving the lives of women, children, and families in Marathon County. YWCA opened the first child care center in Wausau.  We first housed what is now known as the Women’s Community, and were the first homes of the Boys and Girls Club, League of Women Voters, Childcare Connection, and Big Brothers, Big Sisters.  Our programs were the first to recognize the needs of single parents and welcome immigrants to the Wausau area.

We continue to serve the greater Wausau area by providing programs and services that are driven by our mission to eliminate racism and empower women.  Check out some of our upcoming events on our calendar.

Our Board of Directors includes:

Ashley Buchacek – President                                            Jess Huggenevik   – Vice President

Amanda Godleske- Secretary                                           Emily Ley- Treasurer

Marty Millerleile – Past President                                       Kelly O’Heron

Ka Youa Xiong