YWCA is a global movement.

We found a home here in Wausau in 1920 when a group of women came together to create a space for women to meet, socialize, and get to work.  Since our first meeting we have been dedicated to improving the lives of women, children and families in Marathon County. The first activities included calisthenics, clubs for young business girls, household employees, vocational school students and normal school students. The YW also started the first program for industrial workers.


Our board of directors includes:

Marty Millerleile- President
Jessica Huggenvik- Vice President
Amanda Godleski- Secretary
Kelly O’Heron- Treasurer
Alison Morrow- Past President
Ashley Buchacek
Emily Ley
Lada Xiong-Vang
Suzi Okey
Mecca Abdul-Aziz